About Me

Helping You Create a Life You Love

Blessed Edwin - Your Personal Mentor

A man whose Greatest Desire is to help people, especially the youths to Live A Life Of Significance And Impact through the application of Relevant Knowledge.

He is the Founder and President of Young Ambassadors Empowerment Ministry (YAEM), a youth-based ministry, with 3 core objectives

To raise a purpose driven ambassadors
To discourage dependency syndrome
To help youths discover, develop and display their destiny

Blessed is a multi-gifted young man with one decade experience in youth development and empowerment.

He uses Creative, Innovative and Spiritual Approaches to help the youths find their passion, so that they can live with Authenticity and Purpose.

He develops programs for youths in Entrepreneurship, Job and Wealth Creation, and Personal Development.

He has developed Many Best-Selling Products, empowering Hundreds of Thousands of Individuals across the Globe.

He’s also the director of PrymeLink Integrated Services. The total Life Management Training, Consulting, Coaching, Event Planning and Publishing Firm.
Blessed has Substantial Experience as a Career and Business Counselor. He is a Top-Rated Seasoned Career Speaker with National Youth Service Corps. In addition to his Training and Coaching Skills, he has a deep commitment to Integrating Practical Spirituality into people’s lives, both Personally and Professionally.

As a Leading Public SPEAKER, Youth MENTOR, Inspirational AUTHOR, Social REFORMER and Dynamic TRAINER, he has been a Blessing to People through his BOOKS, ARTICLES, TEACHINGS and MINISTRY.

See Blessed in Action:

I am a Leader and Magnet today because I followed and learnt from you. I got my current job because I listened to your radio program “CAREER EXPO” and followed your teachings. I passed the Job Aptitude Test and Interview because I read your book: “ALL YOU NEED TO SECURE YOUR DREAM JOB”.
Thank you very much sir.

Michael Pedro