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As an Inspirational Speaker, I give talks to audiences about a
variety of topics, with the goal of imparting ideas and
enthusiasm, inspiring listeners to make improvements in
their lives or to change professional habits and strategies.

As a youth mentor, I create a proper systematic program for
training a committed group of youths in personal development
and discipleship with the intent of empowering them with the
instrumentality of knowledge to produce a distinctive quality of
integrity, responsibility, vision, and leadership.



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As an Author, I use Creative, Innovative and Spiritual
Approaches to help the youths find their passion, so that they
can live with Authenticity and Purpose. I develop write-ups
for youths in Entrepreneurship, Job and Wealth Creation,
Personal and Spiritual Development.

As a Social Reformer, I advocates for
reform of the mindset of the youths of this generation.
I focus on putting an end to dependency syndrome.



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As a Dynamic Trainer, I have a deep commitment to
Integrating Practical Principles into people’s lives,
both Personally and Professionally.


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About Me

Blessed Edwin


Blessed Edwin is a Solution Focused coach offering brief and often single-session coaching. He has built a reputation for engaging workshops on Solution Focused Coaching and Single Session Consulting, and has recently started to put out courses online.

“I am a speaker, mentor, author, reformer and trainer. For more than 7 years I have advised people on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives. I’ve provided professional training on career and business success, personal development and related topics.”


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    Successful Stories

    I am a great orator, motivational and inspirational speaker today and an NYSC Award Winner in the year 2014 in Akwa Ibom because I enrolled into your membership program, I was able to discover the purpose of God in my life because I read and study your book GIVING YOUR LIFE A MEANING. Thank you so much Sir.

    Roland Igwe

    I am a Leader and Magnet today because I followed and learnt from you. I got my current job because I listened to your radio program “CAREER EXPO” and followed your teachings. I passed the Job Aptitude Test and Interview because I read your book: “ALL YOU NEED TO SECURE YOUR DREAM JOB”.
    Thank you very much sir.

    Michael Pedro

    You can never be around Pastor Blessed Edwin and remain the same. I am leading in most areas of my life because I was privileged to meet an inspirational leader and my life was transformed.

    Eberechukwu Orji

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