Mentorship Program

Personal Mentoring Program

“Empowering the People into Purpose-driven Ambassadors &

Purpose-driven Ambassadors into World changers”


To raise purpose-driven ambassadors with personal integrity, sound character, independency mentality and spiritually grounded.


To create a proper systematic program for training a committed group of people in personal development and discipleship with the intent of empowering them with the instrumentality of knowledge to produce a distinctive quality of integrity, responsibility, vision, and leadership.


To provide personal mentoring opportunities for exclusive persons committed to personal empowerment and development training in character, leadership and destiny.


  1. To meet bi-monthly for personal relationship development, interaction, object lessons, and fellowship.
  2. To create opportunity for practical participation with Blessed Edwin in ministry assignments.
  3. To share a program manual of instruction, topics to be covered and personal assignment to be completed.
  4. To develop a library for resource and for personal development and training.
  5. To develop an online website for personal development and training for participants.


  1. To choose people through a screening procedures and application completion.
  2. To plan meetings for the year.
  3. To share mentoring prospectus program for training.
  4. To distribute reading and resource listing to participants.
  5. To provide personal mentoring to individuals.


  1. To develop useful habits that improve destiny.
  2. To create a program specific to each individual.
  3. To develop mature leadership quality in the participants.
  4. To destroy dependency syndrome.
  5. To participate in a personal mentoring program with Blessed Edwin.
  6. To provide a system of accountability for the participants.

What can you expect from the Mentor?

  1. A monthly letter.
  2. Weekly checkup on the progress of your goals achievement.
  3. Consistence instructions on practical steps to the achievement of your goals.
  4. One-on One offline and online counseling session.
  5. Guidelines on professional branding of your online profile.
  6. Access to online training.
  7. Access to networking connection with like minds.
  8. A place on Blessed Edwin’s personal prayer list.
  9. Monthly resources on a specific area of development.
  10. A list of Blessed Edwin’s personal contact numbers.

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